The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

Molding Your Mantra

So we had this "leadership institute" BS on campus yesterday, and it was all these workshops for students who hold leadership positions on campus to like, learn to be better leaders. Mostly stupid, partially rad. The part that was rad was one session called "Molding Your Mantra." We had to form the most important thing to us out of play-doh (mine was a heart with a cross, music note, and ENC carved into it). Then we had to choose our top five life values off of this list of 20, and then get a bead of corresponding color and put it on a safety pin. These are supposed to remind us every day of our core values. We then had to write a few sentences about why we chose those values, and then combine those into a one-to-two-sentence mantra. Sounds easy enough, right? I still haven't put my actual mantra together. But, here's what I have as far as the explanations are concerned:

Love—pink—I want those I love to be plentiful. I want those who love me to be plentiful, but not all love must be returned equally. I want those I love to know I love them every day.

Spirituality—white—The deepest love I have is for Christ. I want to be so full of the Spirit that others are made aware without a single word from my mouth. I want to feel the love of God in my life every day.

Loyalty—orange—I want those I love to know that I will never stray from them. Love endures forever, as do friends and family and friends that become family. I want to count on them and be counted on every day.

Knowledge—cream—The most important thing in the world is knowledge; knowledge of oneself and knowledge of one’s world. I want to learn something new every day.

Justice—royal blue—Justice is the radical notion that all men are created equal. I want to behave in a way that shows my compassion for all I want to work for justice every day.

I just wanted to record these somewhere.