The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

Not a great first.

My mom made turkey meatballs for dinner tonight. One of my all-time favorite things that she cooks. Yum yum yum.

But I didn't eat a single one.

Why is this? Mom made the meatballs with Foster Farms ground turkey. And we all know that in the fight against factory farms, Foster Farms is one of our greatest enemies. So, while my parents and brother ate their fill of one of my favorite foods, I ate leftover organic, grain-fed, free range, happy chicken from last night. This was the first time I ever opted out of something that was being cooked at home for something more responsible. Not that I usually just eat the morally questionable meat in question -- that's certainly not the case. This is just the first time that my mom chose to make turkey meatballs for dinner even though Costco was out of organic turkey.

All summer we have been buying organic and local and I really thought my parents were beginning to get this movement. That they were beginning to care about what they were eating and where it was coming from. I swear, every item that we regularly use and "O" organics makes, my mother has purchased. Our pantry is like an "O" mini-mart. The other night, we made chocolate chip cookies from all-organic ingredients (except the chocolate chips. Nestle Tollhouse reigns supreme at Chez Kloehn). Mom wasn't sold on them being as good as "regular," though Dad, the official taste-tester, had about four. I guess she's just been letting me play this sustainable game, and followed along with the demands (for the most part) all summer. I thought I could move nine days from now and know that she and Dad were sitting down to a mostly organic, local dinner.

Apparently I am deluded. This is very disappointing.

I don't worry, 'cause everything's gonna be all right.

I am full of earth and dirt and You.