The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

Where the Wild Things Are was beautiful.

The other night I watched Where the Wild Things Are. It was beautiful. I loved that they were all escaping from reality and making their own realities and making the same realities as each other. The Wild Things all wanted security and safety from loneliness, so they built and worked and lived together. And while Max couldn’t get a grip on his fake life, he could facilitate in the Wild Things a “solution” to their predicament – which was the same as his.

Carol was my favorite. So concerned with everything working out just right…but just wanting to be loved. By Max, by KW, probably even by Judith [Maybe even Bob and Terry. But KW is probably on acid if she thinks those owls talk].

And while things I’ve read about this movie say that each Wild Thing is a projection of Max’s personality, and I love that, I just don’t get Judith [oh, or Bob and Terry. Those effing owls]. But I get Carol – needing love. Carol’s the best. I just want to hug him and build a fortress and sleep in a pile. And I don’t want Max to let them down. Ever. And the dirt war – what was that for? They all seemed to get rather injured by the dirt clods, and really just aggressive. But I was sad when Carol and KW fought.

Listen to me, so elementary in my reactions. So “I like” this and “I was sad about” that. Where the Wild Things Are is hardly a kid’s movie. It’s a movie about a kid. The disappointment when Max does the robot and nothing happens…tangible. And the snow…a sign of newness, but also of loneliness. Hmm.

And Carol’s mini land was gorgeous. I loved it. And dumb Alex the goat – recognizing that Max was never a king, but perfectly responding that it doesn’t matter; but Carol can never find out. Carol seems to be the most of Max. Carol doesn’t want secrets or hiddenness or lies or separation.

And the sun’s dead! Devastating.

There is so much desperation involved. Like how to a kid every minute is the whole world. Every person is the whole world.

But when they howl together at the end…obviously I cried.

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