The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

Just because.

This is a really old picture of Fletcher and me. I think it's hilarious. He hates it. I seem to recall that I included it in the framed pictures I gave him when we went to college. I don't even remember what it's from, though I know it was taken our junior year of high school. Ah, the beginning.
Anyway, I saw it today, and it reminded me of how easily Fletch makes me laugh. I hope you're laughing at our dumb faces right now. Fletcher is the most wonderful perfect best friend love of my life ever to exist. I just wanted to say so. <3 <3

The Decider speaks, if you can find the video.

Some sadness on election night.