The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

Blah blah blog

I think that blogging about blogging puts you into some sort of space-time continuum, but I'm willing to risk it. I follow the blogs of everyone I know in real life who keep one, which is like 20. I would really recommend to all my friends that they start blogging. It's so fun. And people from across the globe have happened upon my silly little words, so if you're interesting (which you are because we are friends and I only have a few boring friends so you probably aren't one of them) you should join in! And even if you're not interesting (because I think that sounded like I think I'm really interesting) people will read it anyway! It's amazing!

Are you looking for some more awesome 20somethings' lives to follow? Here's a quick review of my "friend blogs" over there that you should really check out. I know some good people:

Amanda Nelson is a fellow seminarian of mine, who is awesome. She doesn't blog regularly so maybe don't start with hers? I'll bother her and make her start up again.

Amanda Scott is my cousin who works for the White House. She is an awesome DC resident and her tumblr is full of pictures of her crazy life of politics, cooking, bowling at the white house, and being an  Ohio State fan.

Anne Schwartz is a friend of mine from high school who is now a high school math teacher. She is hilarious and awesome. She has a lot to say about education in this country and about her great kids.

Ben Hogue is my best friend from college, who is currently a Peace Corps volunteer in Kolky, Ukraine. His life is unbelievably hilarious, sincere, and he is changing the world.

Beth Berry is another friend from college who is living in Germany while her husband is stationed there. Her blog is adventurous and sweet.

Charmaine Olivia is a friend I've known since middle school who, these days, is a fantastic artist living in San Francisco. You should really check it out and buy some cute little prints for your apartment like I did.

Gretchen and Anna are two of my classmates who happen to be from the same home congregation in Washington. They blog about seminary and the Bay Area.

Jillian Smith is a friend of mine from middle school who is blogging about her new life in New Orleans and her new Navy life with our friend (her boyfriend) Jake. It's sweet and smart.

Jocelyn Bourgault is the best roommate I ever had. She is an accomplished baker, and her photos and recipes will make you drool. I love her.

Joelle Duff is another person I went to college with who has a pretty blog about all sorts of pretty things. She is an aspiring writer, so she posts her writing occasionally. Also great stuff about fashion and architecture and wine in Southern California. Yumm.

Kelsey Schleusener! is one of my fellow seminarians, and her blog is a fantastic amalgamation of all things Kelsey. Pictures, stories, jokes, news, commentary...I get a kick out of her, and you will, too!

Kirsten Incorvaia is a friend of mine from high school, ish. We travelled to Europe together with a bunch of other moms and daughters a lot of years ago. These days, she's a social media maven in San Francisco and has gorgeous tattoos. Check out her blog and then hire her.

Maria Anderson is another lovely seminarian classmate of mine. She likes good music and other good things. She has some good theology, too.

Miles George is the most beautiful boy in the world. He is a make-up artist and photographer and my dear friend from college. Check out his work and then be jealous that he is prettier than anyone you know. And then hire him.

Nick Miller is one of my lifetime best friends. His blog is a bit out of commission these days, but it was once a hilarious look into the life and times of an undergraduate delinquent genius.

ReShai Tate is another dear friend from college. His blog is all about his amazingly happy outlook on life, even when he has every right to be pissed about everything. He's a gem.

Scott Smith is another friend from college, who does awesome photography, graphic art, and web design. You should also hire Scott.

Tim Maybee is also a seminarian, though not a classmate of mine. He's the coolest person at Luther, pretty sure. He is so insightful and totally rad.

Do you have a blog that is not listed here? I want to read it and share it and love it and love you. Everyone has something to say, and the internet is a magical place where everyone has the equal opportunity to tell the world what they think. Do it!

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I take back *some* of what I've said about Augustine.