The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

Χριστός ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!

Happiest of Easters, my dear friends! Christ is risen!

I know it's almost over (and no one will probably read this until Monday anyway) but I just couldn't let the day go by without posting. And this is the first time I've been home since 8am! Welcome to my life.

That aside, I just wanted to share this gem from my Sunday School kiddos today:

Me: What do we celebrate on Easter?
Zeke (age 7): Because Jesus died during Lent and how he's alive again.
Gabe (age 9): What, like he's a ghost? Or a zombie?
Elizabeth (age 9): No, he's Jesus! But I don't get how it works. How was Jesus hanged but then alive a week later? [Yes, she said hanged, not crucified. Minor detail?]
Sophia (age 10): Because he's God!
Zeke: Does that mean God died?
Sophia: God can't die!
Gabe: God's a zombie!
Elizabeth: This is confusing. I get why people just stay Jewish.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is proof that I have the best job ever.

I can hardly breathe.

Christmas in...April?