The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

More Than Words

I don't get a whole lot of mail. For one thing, I have moved every year for the past six years between two colleges and a graduate school and an internship and the summers at home. I don't get established enough to have magazine subscriptions or even get bills mailed to me, haha. Everything is online. And because of all this moving, I have friends all over the nation (and a few across the world)! We do our best to communicate as often as we can, which is made very easy by Skype and Facebook and twitter and e-mails and text messages. And we certainly appreciate each other as we send "thinking of you xo" and "miss your face" and "this dumb thing reminded me of you" and "thought you'd laugh at this corgi picture" and all the other beautiful things technology allows.

But ever since our first big move out of Encinitas and on to the many iterations of "home" we've had since then, I've been firmly committed to occasionally sending those I love actual mail. You know, real life paper with handwriting and a stamp!

It's one of my favorite things. Because in a time where I can so easily just send a text message that says "miss you love you," it's pretty fun to have that sentiment arrive in a brightly-colored envelope covered in dinosaur stickers.

I wrote a post a while ago I think about how the boys never write back to me. And they still don't. Sometimes, they acknowledge that I sent them something (via text message or Facebook, of course!) which brings me a little jolt of joy.

Being on internship, I've been writing to my fellow interns and classmates who are at PLTS still. You know what's awesome? They write back. Gretchen and Maria and Amanda and I have an email chain we send back and forth, and we communicate via text message every few days, and I even spent an hour on the phone with Maria a few nights ago. But I've sent and/or received a card from each of them in the last two weeks. Because we are awesome.

Do you ever send "snail" mail? If not, give it a try. If you're someone to whom I am not already in the practice of sending mail, give me your mailing address and join the fun! It'll be worth more than the words.

Happy Reformation Day!

O Praise the Gracious Power