The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

I resolve.

2013 was quite a year. Much of me is glad to say "good riddance" to much of it, but it had a few redeeming qualities. Usually, I get upset when people spend New Year's Eve bitching about the "worst" year; I used to post to Facebook all the great moments that proved those people wrong. I'm sure I could find a dozen or so fantastic highlights--weddings, graduations, celebrations, relationships--but it just seems marred by the deaths of some people I dearly love, and the ends of some great things, and the never-ending-ness of some less-than-lovely things. I'm practiced in vagueness.

If you're reading this, you likely know me well enough to know that I suck at being "present." I spend inordinate amounts of energy rehashing past events--for better and for worse--and then planning and worrying about the future. The next few months are full of future-oriented events--approval, assignment, commencement--but are also the last semester of seminary, which I want to revel in very much! And while I do not know what the next few months will bring, I don't want to be so focused on June that I miss January through May! I have a really good thing going right now and I'd like to ride that into the new year. And I do't want to focus on what happens to my relationship when I graduate and move--I want to live in it between now and then! He deserves that, and so do I!

2014 has awesome written all over it--weddings, graduations, babies, celebrations, relationships--but I want to do each day as it comes. I resolve to be present to those I love and to myself this year.

Let's go.

Fear/Hope -- Matthew 2:1-12

This is my body, this is my blood.