The Rev. Casey dunsworth

serves as Associate Campus Pastor to the Belfry, the Lutheran-Episcopal Campus Ministry to UC Davis

and as Program Director for LEVN, the Lutheran Episcopal Volunteer Network.

That Crafty Feeling, I guess.

I just read "That Crafty Feeling", a chapter of Zadie Smith's book of essays Changing My Mind. It was a talk she gave to students a few years ago. She talked about structuring something you're writing and how her novel-writing process works/doesn't work and how foreign someone else's is.

I don't know exactly if I'm a "Micro-Manager" or "Macro Planner" (obviously my first instinct is the latter), because when I write something important--for school or a sermon--I tend to outline and/or write the middle first and move stuff around and delete whole paragraphs. She says that, for her, the first sentences is the first sentence and the last the last. To me, that sounds ABSURD. My brain could never go A-Z. I guess that answers that.

What's the coolest about this piece was that it made me want to write something! I think I miss producing words, since I'm not in seminary anymore.

In my Passion Planner (PS get one) I wrote in the "lifetime" section the goal of writing a book--a goal I definitely have but have indefinitely. Do I want to be a published theologian? Feminist? Hilarious millennial? Memoirist? Novelist? Short story author? Yes? Hahahaha.

I think that settling into my new job and life a little more has allowed/will allow me more time to sit down and read and write for pleasure. I think I may need to assign myself some of that, though.

I have intentions of kicking the blog back into gear but that always happens when I least expect it (like today when I'm about to post two things in two days after weeks of silence) and not when I plan. I'd likely be more blogtastic if I knew how public I wanted it to be. Sure, it's on the internet so it's obviously not private, but most of my real-life communities are not aware of its web address. When I write things of particular current-event substance, I share it on twitter or the facebook or whatever, but that's rare.

Anyway, I hope you're consuming media that inspires you to create and produce things. Tell me about them!

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